Front-End Developer.
Designer. Photographer.

I specialize in theming, site-building, and custom module development for complex Drupal sites. With over a decade of experience in the public and private sectors and a complementary background in design, I deliver websites that look fantastic, perform well across devices, and meet or exceed the latest accessibility standards.


A small sample of interesting projects I've worked on.

Screenshot of Optimum Nutrition homepage

Optimum Nutrition

I led the theming effort for this Drupal 8 multisite featuring e-commerce integration, internationalization (i18n) for multiple languages, and numerous unique content types and views. Additionally, I had the opportunity to train the client's in-house development team, who were unfamiliar with Drupal, on how to leverage the theme for future additions to the multisite. I also performed extensive site-building and limited custom module development.

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Screenshot of King Arthur Flour homepage

King Arthur Flour

This project, another Drupal 8 build with e-commerce integration, was already partially underway when I was brought onto the team to finish some of the more challenging theming tasks. My primary tasks included refining theme-level javascript interactions, improving consistency across components, and integrating and theming libraries such as algolia search.

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Screenshot of Sunpower homepage


When my team took over maintenance for this Drupal 7 site, we inherited a codebase with little documentation or organization. Over time, I site-built and themed numerous new components, rebuilt the header, footer, and other global elements, and refactored much of the codebase as I went.

Check it out (Sunpower)

Other Cool Clients

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Psst! Did I mention that I've spoken at DrupalCon and Drupal GovCon? Or that I'm an Acquia-Certified Front-End Specialist in Drupal 8?